Zoom HD8CD

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Zoom HD8CD Multi-Track Recording Studio

Zoom HD8CD Multi-Track Recording Studio

About the Zoom HD8CD
Are you looking to produce some decent, full-band demos? Got the next bedroom symphony masterpiece trapped in your head? Thinking about getting into audio engineering? A digital multi-tracker is a great way to start making your own recordings, and the Zoom HD8CD digital hard disk recorder has everything you need to take your music from concept to completion. While many multi-track recorders are either powerful but difficult to use or simple to operate but lacking in features, the HD8CD strikes the right balance to help you make the most of your sessions. Its intuitive layout makes mastering the basic recording process a snap, with an amazing depth of functions typically unheard of in its price range. You’ll be laying down tracks right away, with plenty of pro-quality extras waiting for you when you’re ready to dig a little deeper.

Lots Of Tracks, Lots Of Record Time
With eight tracks, you’ll be able to build and mix projects both big and small. The HD8 provides two professional quality mic preamps with XLR jacks for connecting phantom powered studio mics. Lay down your first two tracks, then fill up the remaining tracks with overdubs. Mix them down to a dedicated bounce track to free up even more tracks for additional overdubbing. . . you’ll be able to build amazingly complex projects by sub-mixing and bouncing to your hearts content. You even have up to ten virtual tracks per channel, meaning you’ll be able to record multiple takes of, say, a vocal performance, without ditching the previous attempts. With an 80GB hard drive, you won’t have to worry about running out of available recording time. The HD8CD can hold up to 240 hours of CD-quality, 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution digital audio.

A Self-Contained Production Studio
With the Zoom HD8CD, you’ll be able to realize complete productions, from tracking through to finished CD. A whole studio’s worth of high-quality digital effects are all at your disposal, all arranged into different groupings for easy access: there’s specialized vocal, guitar and bass effects so you’ll sound like you’ve been tracking at a world-class studio, whether you record in your rehearsal space or your basement. Onboard recording effects like compression, limiting and Zoom Noise Reduction are also included, as well as rhythmic effects like chorus and flanger that can be synchronized with your performance by setting the recorder’s master tempo. Once you’re happy with the tracks you’ve laid down, the HD8CD sports a suite of pro-level mastering effects, like a multi-band compressor. Choose any of the 21 mastering presets to give your finished projects the punch, sheen, and polish of your favorite records. When everything sparkles, send the master WAV files to your computer over USB, or pop a blank CD-R or CD-RW into the Zoom’s built-in burner and hand out CDs to all your soon-to-be adoring fans.

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